Introduction Introduction to XML: history, motivation
Chapter 1: XML Documents XML Documents, namespaces, XML Schema, modelisation, normalisation (XNF)
Chapter 2: Query Languages XQuery, XPointer and XSL
Chapter 3: Inside XML Databases How to store XML documents, how to evaluate queries, indices


  1. DOM: sort the list. Use this xhtml file to start with.
  2. XML Schema: write a schema for this file, following these contraints: the elements, the units must be “g”, “mg”, “cup” or “tbsp”. All the numeric fields must be positive integers. The name and the calories of a food element are mandatory. All and only the daily-values must be appear of the example, in any order.

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XML Databases

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DBLP papers 403Mb
University courses University courses 200Kb to 2Mb

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Chapter 1

Introduction to XML

Tutorials: W3 Schools: tutorials on XML, XML Schema


Chapter 2


  • XQuery from the Experts: A Guide to the W3C XML Query Language by Howard Katz et al. The first chapter is available online

Chapter 3

General introductions


Evaluating queries

Indices for XML

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