Data-QuestEval: A Referenceless Metric for Data to Text Semantic Evaluation


In this paper, we explore how QuestEval, which is a Text-vs-Text metric, can be adapted for the evaluation of Data-to-Text Generation systems. QuestEval is a reference-less metric that compares the predictions directly to the structured input data by automatically asking and answering questions. Its adaptation to Data-to-Text is not straightforward as it requires multi-modal Question Generation and Answering (QG & QA) systems. To this purpose, we propose to build synthetic multi-modal corpora that enables to train multi-modal QG/QA. The resulting metric is reference-less, multi-modal; it obtains state-of-the-art correlations with human judgement on the E2E and WebNLG benchmark.

arXiv:2104.07555 [cs]