Information Retrieval


General Purpose Dialogue-assisted Digital Information Access

On the Study of Transformers for Query Suggestion

When conducting a search task, users may find it difficult to articulate their need, even more so when the task is complex. To help them complete their search, search engine usually provide query suggestions. A good query suggestion system requires …

SPLADE v2: Sparse Lexical and Expansion Model for Information Retrieval

In neural Information Retrieval (IR), ongoing research is directed towards improving the first retriever in ranking pipelines. Learning dense embeddings to conduct retrieval using efficient approximate nearest neighbors methods has proven to work …

A White Box Analysis of ColBERT

Transformer-based models are nowadays state-of-the-art in adhoc Information Retrieval, but their behavior are far from being understood. Recent work has claimed that BERT does not satisfy the classical IR axioms. However, we propose to dissect the …


Modelling Complex Search Tasks

On the use of Complex Numbers in Quantum Models for Information Retrieval.

An Extension of Precision-Recall with User Modelling (PRUM): Application to XML Retrieval