Quantum Information Retrieval

On using a quantum physics formalism for multidocument summarization

The Kernel Quantum Probabilities (KQP) Library

In this document, we show how the different quantities necessary to compute kernel quantum probabilities can be computed. This document form the basis of the implementation of the Kernel Quantum Probability (KQP) open source project

Processing Queries in Session in a Quantum-inspired IR Framework

A Query Algebra for Quantum Information Retrieval

On the use of Complex Numbers in Quantum Models for Information Retrieval.

Supporting Polyrepresentation in a Quantum-inspired Geometrical Retrieval Framework

What can Quantum Theory bring to IR?

A Quantum-based Model for Interactive Information Retrieval

A Quantum-based Model for Interactive Information Retrieval (extended version)

Even the best information retrieval model cannot always identify the most useful answers to a user query. This is in particular the case with web search systems, where it is known that users tend to minimise their effort to access relevant …

Structured Information Retrieval and Quantum Theory